Interesting Facts About Cuba

The Republic of Cuba is the combination of the Island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth and some small islands. Geographically located to the south of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, to the north is the Bahamas and the US state of Florida and to the east lies Haiti and to the west is Mexico. It is considered to be the 17th largest Island in the world, below is a list of very interesting facts about Cuba:

Interesting Facts About Cuba

1. This island was discovered by Columbus in 1492, Columbus actually thought he was in India at the time

2. Cuba consists of more than 400 islands

3. Cuba has a mix population of black, white and a very small population of Chinese.

4. The Doctor to patient ratio is the highest in Cuba, there are so many doctors in Cuba that the country sends doctors to other countries that are in need of doctors.

5. Cuba has a very strict internet policy, only a very hand selected people have permission to use the internet and those who do not obey these rules will be arrested and may be subjected to up to 5 years in prison.

6. Cuba has one of the best health care systems in the world, the life expectancy is also one of the highest in the world.

7. This beautiful country has one the lowest birth rates in the western Hemisphere.

8. The Manjuari fish is only available in Cuba, no place else in the world has this fish.

9. Cuba has 11 million residents and is considered to be the most populated country in the Caribbean.

10. The protected natural areas take up about 22% of the country.

11. The smallest frog and hummingbird in the world are from Cuba.

12. The most popular sport in Cuba isn’t soccer, it’s baseball.

I must add this, that Cuba has put allot of attention and focus on its medical care system and its doctors are ranked the highest in the world!!!

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