The Best Medical Tourism Destination of 2015

If you have been thinking of getting some work done, maybe 2015 is your year!!!

The hot new destination is “The Republic of Cuba”, this island in the Caribbean offers excellent and affordable medical care, great hospitals, a suitable climate for recovery post surgery and state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities.

The Best Medical Tourism Destination of 2015

Cuba has been attracting medical tourists for several years, the medical services that they provide along with the quality of doctors are amongst the highest in the world.

Medical services is the countries main source of foreign income, now a days over 50,000 Cuban doctors and nurses are working worldwide in about 60 developing countries. These medical professionals are sent by Cuba to work abroad in order to create a steady income for the country. Cuba has been known for producing quality doctors that have been welcomed by many nations for their high level of expertise and strong work ethic.

Cuba may be a poor country but, it has been extremely clever in prioritizing and strengthening the two main things that will help its country financial and economical situation: good education and exceptional health services.

As someone who has been dreaming about getting breast implants for quite some time now but, have been forced to put my procedure on hold due to high cost, my dream may soon turn into reality. Thanks to President Barack Obama and his plan to loosen restrictions against Cuba, scheduled to happen this up coming Friday January 16th 2015. The new regulations will allow Americans to travel to Cuba for any reason without obtaining a special license from the U.S government (this document was required before).

As cost of medical procedures in Cuba are a fraction of the price they cost in the United States, this reason alone has been attracting tourist seeking any type of medical procedure and will continue attracting millions of tourist each year.

At one of Havana’s best medical center’s “Cira Garcia Clinic”, which is exclusively reserved for medical tourism. Breast augmentation surgery costs an affordable $1,248 as opposed to an alarming $6,000 charged in the US.

If the natural tropical beauty, warm hospitality and great food weren’t reason enough to travel to Cuba, than these prices, quality of care and recent travel freedom will definitely attract more tourist in the upcoming year. Cuba should defiantly be on everyone’s places to visit for 2015!!!

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