Why Have Plastic Surgery in Cuba?

Cuba the medical tourism hub of 2015 or is it?

Medical tourism has been booming over the years in Cuba, Medical tourists have been lured by the gorgeous beaches, luxurious recovery facilities and extremely low cost procedures about a third of the price it costs in the United States and Europe.

Why Have Plastic Surgery in Cuba? 2

Cuba’s economy depends on medical tourism as one of its major revenues for the country, with over $40 million USD earned each year from tourist seeking medical services. This number increases about 20% annually and is predicted to rise in the upcoming years.

Below is a list of reasons you should consider having plastic surgery in Cuba:

1. Low Cost
Plastic surgery cost about a third of what it costs in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Not only the cost is low but it also includes hotel or apartment stay, post operation visits and personal assistance.

2. Discreetness
If you don’t want to make a big deal about your surgery and would rather not telling your family and friends than seeking medical services abroad is a great option for you.

Some celebrities chose this method to be discrete about the work they are going to get done.

Wouldn’t be ideal to go on a trip and come back with more fuller and firmer breast?

3. A Wider Variety of Procedures

Some procedures are not offered in your country, thus why you have seek these procedures abroad. One example is the sex change surgery, while this type of surgery may not be common in your country in other countries like Cuba or Thailand, there are many talented and professional surgeons that can perform and execute these types of surgery’s perfectly with many years of experience and expertise under their belt.

4. Very little waiting time
A very important benefit of having plastic surgery done in Cuba is the very little to no waiting time, sometimes in the US a person would have to wait anywhere between 6-12 months from their desired date to get the surgery they want done with the doctor of their choice.

5. Having plastic surgery while on vacation
The combination of the two is better known as “medical tourism” and its a great way to see and explore a new country. With the increasing cost of medical procedures and the decreasing cost of airline travel now is the best time to give it a try.

Cuba is considered to be one the most popular countries now a days for medical tourism.

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